The Origin of Car Audio Heaven is Rich and Diverse

Our roots span from California to Vietnam. Jack Cohen, the founder of our company originally started the iconic Stereo and Video Company called Mad Jacks in the 1970’s. Jack was a student at San Diego State University, and at the time was selling 4 and 8 track copies of popular music groups between classes. Soon there after he dropped out of school as a second semester senior to start a small car stereo company. The first start was on Highland Ave. in National City right across from Sweetwater High. The only vendors back then were Craig, from Pioneer and Sanyo, and Muntz, from Clarion.

They worked seven days a week, six days in the shop, and the other at the swap meet. They then created a Mad Jack character to symbolize their business, which led to radio and television commercials that made their company famous. The campaign featured a German voice of a crazy character who was insane to offer such great deals. This campaign helped parlay one store into 7 and gross sales of sixteen-million dollars annually. The company came to an end in 1991 and Jack owned the building on El Cajon Blvd. that housed Mad Jacks. One night he had a dream of a car stereo store with clouds on it and consequently Car Audio Heaven started on El Cajon Blvd. with Jack and 2 employees.

Andy Ta, the present owner of Car Audio Heaven, was a young high school student at Crawford High. He came alone to the United States from Vietnam in 1982, not speaking a word of English. Andy learned English, and took electronics in high school. Soon he was buying car alarms from Jack and installing them in friends vehicles. Andy soon after asked Jack for a job, and Jack offered him a spot in his shop. As Andy became a master of installation of aftermarket alarms and stereo products, he was admitted to San Diego State University like Jack many years before.

Andy majored in Accounting, and following Jacks advice, graduated SDSU in 1998. Andy worked as an accountant for a lighting company for 3 months after graduation. He soon became bored and longed to own his own stereo company, car stereo was his first love. In 1999 Jack and Andy opened the second Car Audio Heaven in Kearny Mesa on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. In 2001, Andy purchases both stores from Jack. In 2002 Andy opened the third store near the sports arena on Rosecrans St.

Again, Andy was following Jack’s footsteps because he had stores on El Cajon Blvd., Clairemont Mesa Blvd., and Sports Arena Blvd. Finally in 2008, Andy bought another respected long time Car Stereo store called Classic Sounds in El Cajon. Classic Sounds was the premiere car stereo store in El Cajon founded by Martin Somo in 1989. Now Andy had 4 fantastic locations.

Both Mad Jacks and Car Audio Heaven were established under some enduring principles: Offer the highest cutting edge electronic technologies from world famous manufacturers at rock bottom prices, employ technologically competent and friendly employees who treat customers the same as they would like to be, and to have fun and enjoy the industry.