Marine Audio

Car Audio Heaven is San Diego’s premiere destination for Marine Audio, with over 20 years experience. We give a lifetime warranty on all of our installations, and a full manufacturers warranty on the product.

Subwoofers & Speakers:

We carry most of the top name brand subwoofers and speakers, and offer many subwoofers to fit anybodies price range. We carry a full line of boxes to fit your subwoofer needs. We also pride ourselves in offering top of the line custom installations for any sound quality and visual result that you may be looking for. Here are a few of the companies that we carry that offer subwoofers and speakers.

Amplifiers & Wiring

In order to run your subwoofers and speakers, you will need to be running an amplifier for their power. Amplifiers help aquire the best sound quality possible, but are useless unless you use the proper wiring as well. We carry most of the name brand amplifiers, suiting an price range. We use the highest quality wiring, from 18 gauge for speakers to 0 gauge to run an entire system.

Head Units & Navigation

Are you interested in HD and Satellite Radio? We carry the top of the line Head Units, from most of the major manufacturers. Our head units are Sirius / XM / HD Radio ready, iPod ready, Remote Accessible, Bluetooth Compatable, and DVD video ready. We also have a full line of head units that come with GPS Navigation, and will take you where ever you would like to go.


We offer a full array of power products to help your system. We carry aftermarket performance batteries, power capacitors, high performance cables, and other products to handle SERIOUS power. We have no problem supplying power to systems that require over 5000 watts, or just preventing your lights from dimming when your subwoofers hit.

Sound Quality

With the right products, we can attain extremely high sound quality that just isn’t attainable in any stock vehicle. The right speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers attain significant sound quality, but products like dynamat and sound processors attain a significantly higher sound quality than previously thought. Let us get the most out of your vehicle.