Car Audio Heaven carries the top brands in vehicle security. If you are looking for a basic alarm and locking system, to the most state of the art total vehicle security system with many other options, we have you covered.

Lock / Unlock

Our remotes will lock and unlock your vehicle.

Digital Tilt

If someone is attempting to steal your rims and tires, this system will be set off.

Glass Break / Pressure Sensors

If glass is broken, or someone is attempting to pry your window open, the alarm will sound.

Door Lock / Unlock & Trunk Release

Our remotes will lock and unlock your vehicle, as well as release your trunk lock.

Battery Back Up Siren & Sytem

If your battery dies, or someone disables your battery, the alarm will still work.


Like many stock remote systems, set your alarm off but do it from much further away.


All of our systems have LOUD, state-of-the-art sirens.

Owner Recognition

If someone steals your keys, they won’t be able to steal your car with owner recognition.

Car Finder

Have a difficult time locating your vehicle on shopping trips? Our security systems will show you EXACTLY where you parked your car.

Up to 1 Mile Range

We have many pager systems that offer up to 1 mile range, This can be very usefull for many of the custom features listed below.

Cabin Temperature Check

Want to know if you car is going to be burning hot or freezing cold? This will let you know.

Remote Start

Start your vehicle from up to a mile away, or from around the world with your iPhone.

Rechargable Battery

Never have to replace your remote battery, just plug it in next to your phone.

Guarantee Protection Plan

Some of our Security Manufacturers will pay your insurance deductible up to $2500.00 if your vehicle is stolen with certain alarms installed.

Open / Close Windows & Sunroof

Open or close your windows from your remote.


Many of our security systems have several auxillary settings for custom features, just let us know what you want your remote to do.

LED Status Indicator

It tells you that status of your vehicle, in a simple, high resolution screen.

Security Notifications

Your vehicle will let you know if it is being tampered with, and give you enough time to prevent anything from happening to your vehicle.

Starter Disable

Prevent someone from stealing your vehicle by simply keeping the vehicle from starting with a touch of a button.