Window Tint

Car Audio Heaven has had the best window tinters in San Diego County since it first openend in 1989. We carry Diamond and Sungard Film in almost any color and shade for your desire. We back all of our tint jobs with a lifetime warranty. If we tint your car and the film stars cracking, bubbling, peeling, and discoloring we will fix it free of charge.

Increase Comfort

By rejecting up to 67% of the sun’s heat, helping to cool the interior of your vehicle more quickly while in use.

Enhance Vehicle Appearance

A vehicle with Diamond window film simply looks better. Each film is designed to enhance the beauty of your car, truck, SUV. Let your local Diamond Dealer professionally install the right Diamond film for you.

Reduce Glare

Diamond films reduce the sun’s annoying glare as well as vehicle headlight glare, thus enhancing driving safety and comfort.

Block UV Rays

Diamond films block up to 99% of the sun’s invisible but harmful ultraviolet (UV-A) radiation – the principle cause of fading of interior fabrics and plastics and premature skin aging.

Protect Passengers

In the event of glass breakage, Diamond films help hold dangerous broken glass together and away from passengers.

Promote Energy Savings

By reducing the time it takes to cool your vehicle, Diamond films help save wear and tear on your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

Come with a Lifetime Warranty

All Diamond films are warranted against cracking, delamination, demetallization and adhesive failure for as long as you own your vehicle.

Come with a Warranty Transfer Option

The standard Diamond warranty can be upgraded to a transferable warranty for a minimal fee, allowing the original purchaser to pass the warranty along in the case of a vehicle sale.

Come with a Diamond Extended Protection Option

You can choose to upgrade the standard Diamond warranty to the Diamond Extended Protection Plan, which offers lifetime replacement of your window film for any type of incidental issues including scratches and breakage due to theft or collision.